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how to become online casino agent?

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How To Become Online Casino Agent:
First of all, you need to go through the Zebo’s Classified website. In it, you can find all the ads to become an Online Casin agent and other related services. To check the legitimacy of a particular offer, you can visit the website of the company that is offering such a service. Besides, you can also check the agreement and the fine print that the company offers to the new company member.

How To Become Online Casino Agent?

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The concept of the internet as an effective means for engaging in gambling activities dates back to the year 1983 with the first online chat room in which gambling was the main attraction. Slot games were later adopted, and it was in 1995 when first full-featured online casino started to appear. Online casinos are rapidly increasing in popularity and the industry is expected to grow to US$6 billion by 2010 and to $10 billion by 2011. The US is the largest market, but it is also the most crowded market. The number of online casinos has grown exponentially in the past decade, and now there are well over 2000 worldwide. In spite of this the quality varies, and roulette is the most popular game. There are also many offshore casinos, but we will consider only land based casinos for our investigations. We will concentrate on the US market for the moment.

The casino industry is not a player-friendly market. We are referring to this when we say players mean gamblers. The card room model of the casino is very much a result of the player-friendly qualities of off-track betting. Off-track betting was developed in Great Britain in 1891. It started when a group of horse racing enthusiasts had to wait for the horse race to finish at the end of the day, and the idea occurred to them to place their bets by themselves before the race was over. The cards remained a secondary alternative for lower-stakes bets, although if a race were a big race, like the Derby, bookmakers had a list of top prices for different bets. Betting was done on a personal basis on tables provided by the bookmakers, who then charged a commission of 30 percent on all betting handled by them. Betting and the horse racing industry grew together. After the Second World War, it was realised that the major bookmakers were operating under a monopoly, and betting could be regulated. In 1964, the government of Great Britain passed the Gambling Act, which allowed private betting clubs to open under the strict supervision of the government. The off-track betting agencies would find a new model, whereby they would take a cut, called a commission, from all bets made by the bookmakers. These new betting agencies were called parimutuel wagering agencies.