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The Online Casino Regulation and Safety Authority, also known as Onlines Casino Entertainment Research Authority and abbreviated to OCERA, is a self-regulatory consumer protection agency of the Greek government. It exists to protect consumers from fraudulent activities. The authority was created in 2010 and as of January 2013 it is fully operational. OCERA works with a group of voluntary organizations, working together to develop standards and guidelines on how to regulate online casinos for the protection of customers. The agency holds a second public consultation on 12/4/13, for people in Greece that want to receive training from the casino industry.

Although the risk of being scammed, rogue, so called “pockets”, fraudulent betting in online casinos is very rare. The biggest threat to players is that online casinos may not pay out winnings when an error is made in the payment processing system. This can occur when a player cashes out and the transaction is reversed for a reason that is out of the player’s control (one example is a dispute over a machine malfunction). An additional risk is the potential for a rogue or “pocket” operator to sign up and win in one bet cycle and then void the winnings of the player in the next bet cycle. Other risks include rogue operators, who sign up and then vanish without fulfilling their side of the contractual commitments and the large operators that have for their own security reasons implemented in-house systems designed to detect and report suspicious activity.

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Plans for the European Union Regulation of Online Gaming Software and Payment Services have been made public. These plans will be put forth later this year (2013). If passed, the ruling will impact the regulation and safety standards for the same as with online casinos.

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Aside from blackjack and some poker variants, online casinos operate on the principle of a house edge. For most casino games, the house edge can be expressed as the ratio of the total amount wagered, less any winnings, to the total amount of money bet on all hands. For example, if a player’s betting limit is $10, then the player receives a 5% return if he or she loses. If a player bets a total of $100, the house will win $5. The house has a mathematical advantage. The player has a mathematical disadvantage in all online games, including slot machines, blackjack and roulette. For a given amount of money bet, the player will almost always lose money by playing. This is a particular problem for the inexperienced. However, it does not mean that a person cannot win money at online casinos.

A player can, however, play for a long period of time and still not win. If a player loses long-term then it can be said that the player is a loser. The reasons for the player’s loss are usually determined by the casino. A player can win short-term, and the likelihood of it repeating is less than when the person plays the same game repeatedly. Any casino that offers online casinos will act legally and ethically towards its customers and, given that this is a relatively new form of online gambling, there is not much information on it.

Casinos may have all kinds of methods for keeping their customers happy. These include: