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As the popularity of the Internet grows, the demand for a reliable and safe means of online gaming. Canada currently offers more than a dozen major online casino platforms for the consumer to choose from. In July, Canadian gamblers spent $743 million on online casinos.” It is estimated that the Canadian gambling market is currently worth $6.5 billion, with $1.2 billion spent on online games. This number is expected to double by 2013.

Most Canadians have little to no problem wagering online as long as they are a resident of Canada, and live under the same laws as a brick-and-mortar casino. However, the biggest barrier to online gambling remains the fact that the Federal government does not allow online casinos to accept the currency of North American bookmakers, making foreign currency transactions completely impossible. “Australian” online casinos are restricted to Australian currency, and “European” casinos are restricted to European currency.

Since 1998, the laws of Canada and most Canadian provinces have operated on the no-more-than-1%-annually-limit of online gambling. In fact, the laws of Ontario prohibit any form of online gambling, except for online sports betting. In 2005, Ontario’s gamble with proposed changes to their consumer protection laws, it was estimated that the government could collect almost $200 million over the next three years from the industry. It also created restrictions for all Canadian provinces to follow.

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In the past, most online casinos were run by programmers, but this is no longer the case. Today, the majority of these websites are run by corporations, and are primarily owned by PLCs such as Bodog Online, BetVictor, Total Rewards, and Bet365, who own them. There are also a few online casinos which are managed by individuals or by companies owned by private investors. Due to the global nature of the Internet, an online casino can theoretically be accessed by anyone in any country in the world.

Ease-of-use is key for those deciding whether to engage with an online casino for the first time, and that is often the deciding factor for many players. Of course, there are some factors that may influence this, such as:

Some online casinos have a very specific mission statement, and focus on certain areas. Some are explicitly aimed at provably fair games, others are expressly for high rollers, and some are geared more towards online poker games. Their online casino software is usually free of charge, and this frees them from the financial constraints of a brick and mortar casino. This is because they do not have to pay for anything other than Internet connectivity and their marketing.

what is the online casino giving out free spins?

Online casinos offer a large amount of fun and excitement, but most gamers prefer to play for real money, and online casinos offer the opportunity to do that.

Before you play for real money, however, you should have a look around to see if the site is reliable and safe, how much it charges for its services, and whether it will provide the same games and services at your local casino. You can also use tools like Full Tilt Boomerang to see if you can find any bonuses by transferring real money online.

Next, you should check what they are offering, and look at how many new players they accept on their casino. Check the terms and conditions because you want to make sure that your offer will be eligible to play on a fresh account and that you do not fall foul of any scam or fraud.

Visit the online casino’s welcome bonus and read all the terms and conditions carefully.

Most welcome bonuses will reward you with a matching deposit bonus and a further bonus if you make a qualifying withdrawal. The terms and conditions will specify exactly how much you will be awarded, but usually it will be a percentage of your total deposit. Most bonuses come with a wagering requirement attached, so you will have to make a number of deposits before you can play with your bonus funds.

Some welcome bonuses are made up of cash bonuses, which you do not have to wager, and non-cash bonuses, which you do.

The best and most advantageous welcome bonuses are non-cash bonuses. These are available immediately after you make your first deposit, and you will be credited with the bonus without the need to fulfil a wagering requirement. These bonuses tend to come in the form of free spins, free cash, free play, free credit, or all of these.

So if you deposit £50, you’ll receive £10 in free bonus money and 30 free spins on whichever game the casino decides to give away. It doesn’t matter whether you deposit or play with the free spins for real money, but if you want to win real money with the free bonus money you’ll have to play for real money with the free spins.