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why online gambling is more dangerous than casino gambling.”?

While some online casinos have higher payback percentages, the use of such promotion is very risky. Imagine that you spent about $ 1,000 playing on a casino with a 55% payback percentage. If you won, you’d have the choice of trying to play your winnings back within the house (at a lesser rate), or cashing out and continuing to play, hoping that you would recover more or lose less than your money. The bottom line is the 55% payback percentage means that if you lose your money, you’d lose that much more (100%+55%=$155.55 more). The casino is attempting to make money with your losses. And in the process, the casino is taking money away from you and anyone else who plays on this casino. That’s why online casinos that offer higher payback percentages are fraudulently deceptive. And if this casino continues to exist for too long, perhaps the players will realize their existence is a lie and will cease to play there.

Casino games such as the Slot Machine (commonly known as the �fruit machine� or �one armed bandit�) have a house edge of between 7% and 25%. The actual house edge varies from casino to casino and game to game. Some casinos do not report their actual house edge in advertising, stating, for example, that they have 25% payback. This is the same as saying that you would lose at least 25% of the amount you bet (and sometimes, a lot more). Their casino games are not regulated by the government so there are no game-play odds established for the benefit of the player, or to attempt to even the playing field.�

Internet casinos are worse, being unregulated. They are not audited by professional game-play odds establishment organizations. They are not registered with a government oversight organization such as the California Gambling Control Commission. They are not audited by the government for fairness. In fact, there is not a single board of monitors with oversight of the entire industry.

how to win online casino slots?

The best tips for winning slots Jackpot games are: Enjoy each game for the enjoyment that it is. Know the odds, and the slot mechanics, and use them to your advantage. The statistics of slots are always available online for anyone to see. The more you know, the less you lose.

It is also not wise to try and win money for free, even if the free spins are big. Doing so will raise suspicion, and thus lead to a loss of money.

Always keep a tally of the wins and losses, and work them into an average. Otherwise, you’ll have no idea whether or not you are winning. Keep that total a private figure so that no one will know about it. Betting a single penny at a time is not a good idea because of the “Dutch Visitor” syndrome. You may as well bet the total amount, if you know you are going to win, and know exactly how much you’re going to win. By spreading your bets around, the probability of winning is greatly increased.

Remember, all luck is in the mind. To really win, you have to first have a positive outlook on the possibility of winning, and not let winning get to your head. Not all winners are good casino players. Some just have a flair for the game.

Remember, the games are rigged. This is why you should not bet on a game you have not seen play before. Learn the rules of the game, and play it with a completely clean slate. If you like a game, then gamble away, but do not use an angle to try to get the slot games to pay out well. To get an edge, you may as well play games where the cards are not totally perfect.