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The origin of online casinos can be traced back to as early as the mid-1990s, when access to the Internet became widespread. It was not until the late 1990s that the technology and infrastructure were in place to support casino games such as those based on the card game blackjack. In the last few years, the spread of the Internet has had a tremendous impact on online gambling, helping to deliver a number of benefits to gamblers and online casinos alike.

Online casinos have become a staple of Internet gambling and have, if anything, furthered the mass acceptance of the Internet. Online casinos have also become a safe alternative to dangerous neighborhoods for gamblers. If gambling became a little too dangerous for you, gambling online is one of the safest forms of gambling.

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As opposed to the ordinary casino game, Internet casinos offer the ease of playing anywhere and anytime. The games, however, are typically structured to be playable in only a few countries. Virtually any game can be played on the Internet, allowing gamblers from anywhere to gamble on the Web. Most online casinos are linked to casinos in various physical locations.

The standard form of online casino was originally developed by the American company Playtech, and has gained popularity because of the ability to play many different games from different providers using a single account. The online casino software is the graphical user interface, or “GUI”, used to interface with the online casino. It is usually the client-side software that is downloaded or streamed to a user’s computer, enabling them to then access the Internet from their computer. The graphical user interface, or “GUI”, was developed by a collaboration of Playtech and Microgaming, among others.

The earlier technology for online casinos relied on web crawlers for content, which were set up to go and ‘grab’ content from other websites to create a web page. They would then cache the information, which was then downloaded to a user’s computer via the Internet. Because of the way the web pages were set up, this led to a very time-consuming process, which limited the number of people that an online casino could cater to. To combat this, online casinos began to use real people to go and manually surf, clicking on text that gave them links to web pages. This is known as the Live Help system.

With the advent of HTML5 and other more efficient ways of communicating with the web, online casinos could achieve much faster content downloads. The Live Help system has fallen out of common use due to the website having to interact with the user. The important aspect of a casino, however, is the interface, and as long as that works well, it is all that matters.

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