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Latest : Money Laundering Investigator Alleges Corruption, Accuses Corrupt Police Chief of Fraud

A senior money laundering investigator based in southern Cyprus has alleged that a corrupt police chief “fraudulently” prosecuted and convicted a former colleague for crimes he committed.

Conrad Murray, a colleague of Prime Minister Tassos Papadopoulos, was convicted in September last year of embezzling more than half a million euros from a government agency that provides benefits to the victims of the October 1999 earthquake.

On the day of the verdict, Papadopoulos’ office issued a statement saying that Murray had been found guilty only of money laundering, and that such a verdict was not unlawful.

But the money laundering investigator, Theodoros Lazarides, told a newspaper in August this year that the police chief’s reasoning is false and that “Corruption is the basis of the whole thing.” Lazarides is currently being investigated by the Cypriot police for “laundering” thousands of euros from loans for banks in southern Cyprus, where he has extensive land and property holdings.

how can i cancel online casino membership?

The strategies are pretty much the same as in a land based casino. Sometimes they tend to play more conservatively than land based casinos as a defensive tactic. They accept U.S. players via their software and use the USD as their currency. Some do not use charge back protection of any kind. Also, most online casinos have dedicated customer support and are usually the most responsive. They provide a limited set of games, but they are usually very complete, and almost always have top-rated and popular software programs.

By using a basic understanding of how the casino business model works, you can get the best online casino experience without having to gamble on casino games. The table games section of the online casinos section will list some of the most popular online casinos. Here you will find information on the companies offering online casinos including payment options, game availability and limitations, withdrawal fees, registration, and other methods of transaction to ensure players find a casino of their choice.

which online casino can i trust?

In the past, a number of rogue online casinos have violated the terms of their licensing and thereby their entire licenses were revoked. In fact, just the other day, Kohinoor Casino found itself revoked from the Internet gaming community. Unfortunately, online casinos of no consequence are still popping up. In fact, one such rogue casino recently popped up which is offering a Carlsbad Casino style online casino game. The online casino has been operating for some time and it recently had an advertisement on the web posted by Top Casino stating they would give away a big chunk of it’s advertising budget to the first person who found the problem. The casino was an impostor and has been ordered shut down.

Most other reputable online casinos have an online casino certification program and it is one of the sure-fire ways to determine which online casinos you can trust and which ones you cannot. With the advent of the Internet, online casinos make electronic commerce the rule rather than the exception. They provide secure banking, escrow services for money transfers, and they can give you the technology to have a safe and fun experience. Some online casinos do not even bother with any licensing and will collect your money with the approval of a search engine.

What you need to look for and keep in mind when playing online casino games are:

1. A valid governmental or quasi-governmental gaming license. Your state gambling commission will be able to provide you with the license if it exists. You will find a list of gambling licenses that exist in your state at Most states provide regulatory agencies that monitor and license online casino operators. You can also review the state’s laws at Online casinos that are regulated are acceptable to many online gamblers.