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Free spins without wagering requirement simply means that the game allows you to play without making a deposit on your account. Whether you get free spins with the deposit should be handled differently but it usually is. Some have a deposit bonus and others simply allow you to play with your bonus money. Gambling on free spins without wagering requirement is done by the player.

New online casino games and new games at existing online casinos are always very interesting. is all about that! Take a look at the newest online casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, slots and other games. Find out what makes them different and the best they have to offer.

Gambling is an addictive activity. We strongly advise you to visit casino reviews. This website does not promote, support or endorse gambling. We also do not encourage children to gamble. All data and information presented here is for news and entertainment purposes only.

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When a casino player chooses between two online casinos, he is making a decision based on the casino’s games, and not on the casinos’ brands.

Clicking on the “Claim” button will take you to the homepage of the group.

You have now claimed this group.

At the top right hand corner of the group, choose “Manage Members”. You will see this panel:


You can manage your groups from here. You can see which groups you are invited to, and which groups have accepted you. You will also see a list of the groups you have joined. You can view your group chat box, mute or un-mute people, ban/unban people from the group and even kick people out.

Please note that the group rules/privacy statement are not visible to other members of the group and that the admin / group moderators can read everything in the group.

Group moderators can see who has added you to their favourite GROUPS list.

You are now in the GROUPS directory. This directory is where you store all of your groups.

Search in GROUPS directory

You can also type in a group name and it will search for that group on the site.

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CASINO REVIEW There are numerous online casinos on the internet and each having very unique styles. This guide will focus on providing some general information on how to choose a casino with the aim of helping players understand the different options they have in terms of online casinos. The key to selecting a gaming online casino is finding the right casino that will offer a wide range of games and a great selection of features, all at a competitive and safe.

One of the major factors that any player will look for in an online casino is the casino’s reputation. This is where online casinos are rated by both players and unbiased review sites on the Internet. There are a number of reputable sites like Casino Player, Casino-Bonus, Casino-Select, Casinos Online, Online-Casino and many more.
An independent site is necessary to provide a credible report of a casino’s rating. These independent sites are created by the gaming software providers and operated independently from the online casinos.
The top casino sites which are regarded as some of the best online casinos as rated by the general public includes –