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Online casinos typically require that players create an account, before they are allowed to play. Besides using their credit card to fund their account, each player may optionally use a separate “real” (paper) or “virtual” (computer) “chip”, which is inserted into a slot on their online account page. Players may often use the “chips” to “lose” amounts, so the “chip” may be worth more than the amount the player deposited. Real chips are more commonly used than virtual chips. Though players may use real chips, virtual chips are popular too.

An online casino accepts wagering, deposits money from players and accepts money from players. All online casinos also have contact and support information posted. Some online casinos have different wagering categories for video poker, blackjack and other games. You must wager a certain amount of your deposit, bonus, or winnings before you are eligible to cash out. Casinos usually provide more choices when it comes to depositing money than they do for withdrawing money.

When you open a new account at an online casino, you create a user name and password. However, to open your account, you may also have to create a secure password. A secure password is a password that is set up to prevent someone from accessing your online account. This makes your money safer.

An online casino may offer a package that gives a certain amount of money in bonuses or free credits after a certain amount of money is wagered. A bonus may be offered only on a new account, or if the player is sufficiently “verified” with the casino. Some online casinos allow players to wager to the maximum credit in each game before losing access to the bonus. Others may offer “no max” and offer more than one bonus and then remove it after they are no longer satisfied with the player’s play.

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The first variety of online casinos was a straightforward online re-creation of actual physical casinos. These sites were very similar to brick-and-mortar casinos — the two were merely online. That meant that the rules of the casino game were clearly set, gamblers could play the same casino games as in a physical casino, and, most importantly, payouts were fixed. The online casinos that offered this type of service often called these “simulated casinos”.

All this changed when the meteoric rise of the web allowed the first few Internet casinos to appear in the early 1990s. With the web, the rise of graphical web browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, the development of Java and Flash, and the increasing speeds and capacity of ISP lines, it became possible to make online casinos that looked like traditional casinos, and yet worked like the web. (Most casinos at this time required a special plug-in for Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer to work at all, since Netscape did not offer an integrated mail client when the web was first released.)

The first three online casinos were operated by Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act compliance companies under contract with the UIGEA, but this was not a perfect substitute for a traditional license. Without a physical location, many online gambling activities violated U.S. laws. (This is how UIGEA Section 1031(a) came to be.) Nor were the games the same as the traditional games offered in casinos. Not only was the game software different, but so were the payout percentages.

Because of the restrictive nature of the UIGEA, the subsequent online casinos did not include a specific statutory license. This allowed them to avoid U.S. rules entirely, though they remained bound by state laws.

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If you are going to be placing a deposit, it is good to make it in cash, as they are more used to debit card payments.

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