NCC Seychelles

Training Modules

One of NCC’s role is to provide training to professionals who work with children and families. In its effort to raise public awareness on Child Protection issues, it also provides training to other interested parties who make their requests known to the Director or Training Coordinator.

The modules which are being currently offered are:

Basic Foundation Course in Child Protection

Emphasis is placed on participants knowing the signs and indicators of the different types of abuse, the silencing factors of abuse as well as the procedures for reporting abuse.

Introduction to the Convention on the Rights of the Child

Participants are provided with some basic background information on the Convention. They are provided with the opportunity of familiarising themselves with the articles of the Convention through a series of practical activities.

Domestic Violence and its Impact on Children

Domestic violence is a common problem that affects a large number of our young population. Participants learn about the dynamics of Domestic violence, the behaviours that are considered as domestic violence and the impact that they have on children. 

Living Values: An Educational Programme

Participants are provided with the opportunity to look at their own values, the emotional needs of children, ways of helping to build positive behaviours  and establishing values-based discipline.

Most training courses are usually of one day duration except for the Living Values which can be a two to four day workshop depending on the participants’ needs.