NCC Seychelles



Education and information remains at the heart of this section.

The section is headed by a Communication Coordinator who acts as focal liaison person and public relations and information officer, dealing with mass media, different organisations and the public.

Assists in designing and implementing communication strategies in line with the objectives and vision of the NCC and that is to: Increase public awareness of NCC’s role and responsibilities and help bring about positive actions towards the abolishment of child  abuse and help to make children issues everybody’s priority.


NCC provides training to professionals who work with children and families. It also reaches out to youth groups, parents and community leaders to raise awareness on child related issues.

Training modules targeting young children are also included in an effort to sensitise them on issues regarding their own protection.

Modules on offer this year include:

  • Basic Foundation Course in Child Protection
  • Introduction to the Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Domestic Violence and its Impact on Children
  • Living Values: An Educational Programme 

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Psychological & Counselling

Information / Referral Service
NCC Helps clients by directing them to appropriate agencies  for access, maintenance, custody issues or financial & housing problems. Occasionally we contact these agencies to refer client. This service is provided by an Intake Officer, with regular assistance when needed from counsellors. Clients can phone for advice or may drop in and speak with the intake Officer. If the matter is urgent or complex they may be immediately passed on to the appropriate service.

Child & Adolescent Psychology / Counselling Service
This section deals with Assessment, Counseling, therapy, case management for child behavioural, emotional abuse problems.  Clients are  usually put on a waiting list before they can see a counsellor(s) / psychologist unless the problem is really urgent. Families in crisis (conflict, bereavement, trauma) may be seen for a single counselling session and will also be referred to other appropriate agencies.

Watchdog / Advocacy Service
In some exceptional cases NCC may be able to provide advocacy to increase the response provided by another agency. This applies only to genuine cases where response to date is assessed by NCC as insufficient.