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Use responsible language

Language influences how we act and how we think. Messages that encourage high self-esteem also encourage responsibility. Jean Illsley Clarke, in self-esteem: A Family Affair, presents four styles of communicating. Each is characterized by different language or attitude.

I am Following in Your Footsteps… What are you teaching Me?... Child Protection Week 2010

Networking with community organisations plays a large role in helping spread the word
about child abuse prevention. And this year the National Council for Children and its other child protection partners have teamed up with the Roche Caiman community to encourage healthy parenting, educate people about child abuse and connect parents to community resources during the “Child Protection Week” which starts on Sunday 23rd May.  The Child Protection week campaign was started in 2005 with the aim of promoting awareness of the need to keep children safe and families strong.

Tips for parents kids 1-4 - Have YOU TRIED YES?

Say yes Instead of No

The word no is a favorite among children because they hear it so often from their parents. 
Children are corrected many times in a day – and that’s a lot of negativity thrown at them. Eventually, the word “no” loses its impact and children get so tired of hearing it, so they learn to give  parents a dose of their own medicine . So how can we avoid overuse of the word “no” when relating to our child, but still get the message across that some limits have to be respected? Try using these positive alternatives…

Parenting Skills Programme

A Parenting Programme (Marmay or Kids) is being offered on a monthly basis at the NCC this year.

The programme which is divided in four components has been designed to extend parenting skills. No one way of parenting is right for everyone, or for every situation. As participants come from different background of beliefs and values, the intent of the programme is to acknowledge these differences and extend the skills of each participant.

"Lookie before you Leapie" Dating Violence

Here are some questions to help you recognise if you are in a healthy relationship.

Red Flags- Be warned:
Do you...
• get embarrassed by your boyfriend/ girlfriend’s behaviour towards you?
• feel afraid of your boyfriend/girlfriend most of the time?
• feel that your boyfriend/girlfriend is extremely jealous when you talk to friends of the opposite sex, even innocently?
• avoid topics or situations out of fear of angering your boyfriend or girlfriend?

“Lookie before you leapie” Campaign

As young people mature and develop they start forming new relationships outside their family, some of them will start dating.


Prepare Your Child For School

School can be a strange and scary place for beginners. It's hard to predict how a child will handle separation on their first day. Starting school is a big step for children, and the anxiety they experience is a perfectly normal part of the developmental process. 

Some children will cling to their parent  in terror, while others will skip happily off without even a parting glance in their parent’s direction.

Happy New Year to everyone!!!

Another year has come and gone and we have enjoyed turning back the pages of 2009, to relive some of the exciting moments before we turned the calendar page to 2010.

There is nothing like a new year to provide a renewed sense of opportunity and challenge as we re-connect with  our values and remain true to our mission of promoting the “well-being of the child”

20 Years of CRC

20 years ago, the United Nations offered a wonderful gift to children throughout the world: the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

How can children have rights when they are unable to exercise responsibility?

The issue of responsibility is frequently raised as an argument against the principle that children have rights. However, it is not an argument that can be sustained.