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What has Stone Soup on Father’s day got to do with NCC?

This was the question that the 24 odd fathers were asking  themselves when Jean-Claude Matombe, one of the presenters in  the scheduled  half day workshop organised by the National council for children (NCC)  started  sharing  the  story  of a miraculous stone soup –The story begins many years ago when three hungry and weary soldiers came upon a small village. The villagers, had suffered  a meager harvest  after  many years of war, quickly hid what little they had to eat and met the three at the village square, wringing their hands and bemoaning the lack of anything to eat.

Help Your Child Do Better in School

Keeping Interested

Learning is a joint effort. Everyone must help if students are to learn. Teachers are responsible for teaching and parents for parenting, but students must realise that no one else can do their learning for them.

Help Your Child Do Better in School


You can teach your children strategies for the four steps:
• Paying attention
• Keeping interested in schoolwork
• Learning and remembering
• Studying

Hike to Anse Major

As part of our monthly social activity and also to commemorate Labour Day, we organised an outing for the staff. The day began with an early morning hike from Danzilles where we all met to head to the picturesque Anse Major. It took us about an hour to get to the beach. We enjoyed the beautiful scenery overlooking the beautiful, calm turquoise sea below us.


Bravo! for Bravo

Saturday 23rd April, Eden island, 11.00a.m sharp, a group of excited children hop out of a mini bus to be greeted by Dan, manager of the Bravo Restaurant . They are immediately led through a spacious dining area to seafront seats , where another group of children from Ste Elizabeth Orphanage are sipping fruit juices and watching “C’est La vie” a beautiful yacht laying at anchor nearby. The new arrivals are all from Foyer de la Providence. An SBC crew is busy capturing shots of the smiling faces as Greg Sanders the restaurant owner welcomes the group with hearty handshakes.

NCC's hike on the Bonne Espoir Path

Most of us had expected  a long trek through bushes and a steep climb up the mountain, except for Nelda who had promised an enjoyable hike.  For those, who have never tried to walk (and I repeat walk) the Bonne Espoire mountain path; you must put it on your agenda as you might miss an opportunity to see and feel the glory of Seychellois nature on one of the easiest, shortest and safest mountain trails around.


Flying the ISO High

Tuesday 28th March, 8.30a.m with business as usual on the NCC ground floor but a completely different atmosphere on the second floor as the SBS auditors stated the purpose of their visits in the conference room.  The whole organisation would be audited to assess performance in accordance with the quality policy and corporate procedures of ISO 9001: 2008.


ECCE Strong on NCC’s Agenda

“Starting Strong – Winning for Children” was the theme chosen to launch the first ever Early Childhood Conference at the Constance Ephelia Resort, Port Launay.

NCC spreads the kindness message to the district of Anse – Royale .

Last Sunday 30th January ,will be remembered for the celebration of “kindness”  in the Anse Royale  community.

Christmas & New Year Wishes from NCC