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ECCE Trust Fund Small Grants Launched

Applicants can download Application forms attached.

SBS External Auditors gives thumb -up to NCC

Tuesday 21st February- By 8.00a.m all staff were at their stations, the offices were looking immaculately clean and an air of expectancy hung in the corridors of the Children’s Ark.

4 External auditors from Seychelles Bureau of Standards had arrived on the NCC premise at Bel-Eau to assess performances according to the ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Standards and by 8.30a.m the opening meeting had already started. Photographers from both institution were flashing away to capture the investigative and professional nature of the work.

Helping Your Kids Develop Healthy Eating Habits

Good nutrition is the bedrock of lifelong health, and it begins in infancy. Healthy eating can stabilize children’s energy, sharpen their minds, and even out their moods. Unfortunately, kids are bombarded by messages that can counteract your efforts. Between peer pressure and the constant television commercials for junk foods, getting children to eat well might seem more futile than fruitful.

More Active Advocacy online for Children’s Rights and Gender.

The National Council for Children and the Gender Secretariat in the Ministry of Social Development and Culture are launching their first activity, under funding from the 10th European Development Fund with social networking advocacy training on Tuesday 7th February at The SIM, Majoie.

Both organizations are pro-active in the promotion of Human Rights namely Women's and Children’s rights and this 4 day training will equip participants with a modern, innovative way of reaching out to their target audiences.


CITW Returns to North Island after two years.

North Island Lodge closed its doors to paying guests once again to accommodate and host a group of Seychellois children for a fourth time for another Children in the Wilderness Camp (CITW) in collaboration with the National Council for Children ( NCC) during the month of December 2011.

Internet Safety Day (ISD) is a campaign to promote Internet and computer safety awareness.

Safer Internet Day in 2012 will be held on Tuesday 7 February. The theme ‘Connecting generations and educating each other’ will be used to encourage schools children teachers, parents and families to learn and connect together.

NCC’s key messages for schools, children parents and families are:

• Talk about online safety—with all members of your family and school community
• Protect Your Privacy—check your privacy settings and update your software
• Educate yourself about the online world—check out the safetech resources

Time to reach out to your loved ones and express your heartiest good wishes says National Council for Children

Wow! Its another New Year coming up and this is a wonderful  time to reach out to loved ones to express heartiest good wishes and celebrate together! Let's not only celebrate, but let us together start afresh.

Praslin Christmas Party

As we are in the festive season, NCC again this year organized a Christmas party for Praslin kids. The party was held on the 20th of December at Paradise Sun Hotel Cote D’or Praslin. 

There was a very good turnout and along with the Paradise Sun Hotel staff we animated the party with games, dance and card making activities.

To finish off, each child was presented with 2 gifts donated by NCC and Raffles Hotel management.  Overall the event was a great success and the kids had great fun.

Children’s Village Comeback to the Regatta & Subios Festival 2011

This year, the Regatta and Subios Festival was joined together and brought alive at the Beau Vallon Beach. Once again the National Council for Children was invited to bring the Children’s Village to the event since it was deemed very successful last year. The two day event took place from Saturday 5th November to Sunday 6th November.

We were hard at work on Saturday morning to put the Village in place. One by one tents were put up and colorful flags were used to decorate the area and soon the Village was looking more and more like a child’s haven.

First Care Workshop

Our staff got the chance to receive their Basic First Aid & C.P.R. Training over a period of three days at the Bel Eau Office by Ms. Anne Rose-Innes.

During the three days they learnt the life saving technique of C.P.R. amongst other basic first aid in how to deal with people with burns, fractures and those affected by accidents and trauma.

The course ended with the staff taking a written and practical exam which they all passed with flying colours.