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Child protection

The coming together, by more than one agency or practitioner group, to act in a collaborative way to prevent the occurrence of abuse with regard to a particular child, or children in general and to offer such therapeutic help as these children and their families require.


Social Services
Attorney General’s Office
Family Tribunal

 What is Child Abuse?

Actions taken or knowingly not prevented which cause a child to suffer significant harm or death.

Signs and Indicators of Child Abuse and Neglect


Physical Abuse’

Examples of actions and behaviours of adults/carers

hitting the child with your hand, belts, sticks, spoons or any other implement;

Kicking or punching
Spitting or biting
Pushing and rough handling
Burning the child

Indicators of physical abuse 

Scratch marks on the child
Cuts or abrasions
Fractures or broken bones
Burn marks
Bite marks
Unexplained injuries

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Encouragement - Lift someone today!

The word is a compound of the prefix “en”—meaning to put in or into and the word “cour-age”—meaning confident, brave, strong.

To “encourage”then literally means to put courage into someone. Courage to make one work harder instead of thinking about surrender. Encouragement is the act of giving someone support, confidence, and hope.

Encouragement also reinforces the right things but letting people know they are on the right track.

Using encouragement , NCC hopes to be able to connect people with their power to make a difference in the lives of others –especially children so that they can be inspired to grow up as young active, caring, responsible and generous citizens .