‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’

The perseverance campaign was first initiated by NCC in 2019, with the official launching taking place at the Perseverance Secondary School in February 2019.

This was a year-long campaign with the aim of reaching all Secondary schools and students across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue, to help highlight the importance of diligence, commitment and hard work in their everyday lives. 

In order to create the maximum impact with this campaign, it was found necessary to extend the project into 2020 – with more prospects for the schools to work on personal projects and targets around the theme perseverance. Perseverance Secondary School performing an inspiritaional song about perseverance 1

By the end of 2019 when the campaign had reached a hiatus - with the last stop of the symbolic perseverance torch having been at the President’s Village - the various responses were positive and everyone wanted to see more of the campaign this year with greater emphasis being put on the idea of hard work without giving up. 

As the Chairperson of NCC, Dr Erna Athanasius mentioned in her speech, “Perseverance implies continuation, moving forward, no matter the obstacles in our paths, learning from mistakes made, ignoring those that may discourage us, and never giving up regardless of prior failure; perseverance is diligence and discipline in everything we do.”

Dr Athanasius’ message to all teachers, parents and leaders is that “This is a call to share the burden and know that we can all make a positive difference and have a major influence on the lives of children, from Crèche to Post secondary and beyond. We must all lead by example because our children are watching us and what we do and say will shape the reality of those observant eyes and ears.”

Dr Athanasius calls out to students to keep persevering 1

The various schools that worked on the perseverance campaign over last year in the likes of Perseverance and Beau Vallon Secondary Schools were invited to join the relaunching ceremony where the students performed inspirational songs based on the theme of perseverance. 

Also present at the relaunching ceremony were the Principal Secretary for Education, Dr Odile Decomarmond, the Principal Secretary for Youth and Sports, Fabien Palmyre, executive board members of NCC amongst other dignitaries. 

To end the ceremony, the choir joined by all the invitees performed a song which fitted well with the perseverance theme. ‘You can get it if you really want’ by Jimmy Cliff.