Youth Festival Week: Teamwork makes the dream work

Every year Seychelles along with the rest of the world celebrates International Youth Day and this year was no exception. An array of activities were organised by the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) to commemorate the Youth Festival where many entities were able to join in the fun.

On Saturday, 17th August, NCC teamed up with SNYA for a fun day at the President’s Village. Everyone rallied at the NCC Headquarters bright and early to go to Port Glaud where the day started off with SNYA making a donation to the President’s Village followed by the members getting a tour of the premises by the director of the Village, Brigitte Balette.

Not knowing what to expect - the kids, the staff and the SNYA cohort were all looking forward to what the day would bring and it did not take long before everyone blended in and got to work.

The morning was taken up by a bit of cleaning and landscaping around the garden, playground and entrance of the Village. With donations of plants from the Landscape and Waste Management Agency (LWMA), the teams were able to plant and beautify the surroundings, with the task of watering and maintaining the plants left to the children.

The big highlight of the day was an afternoon dedicated to sports and traditional games where there was a bit of friendly competition between the NCC team and SNYA. Football, volleyball, relay and tug of war had everyone on their toes and in a frenzy to see who would win at what. Many of the children had the opportunity as well to showcase their talents in the various sports.

SNYA 16th Cohort

The Chief Executive of SNYC Penny Belmont pointed out that getting all youth engaged in such initiatives is what drives SNYC and they intend to keep it that way, but also to get even more young people involved in such activities.

This activity was an equal opportunity for the SNYA cohort to interact and get to know the children of the Village. The speaker of SNYA, Marlon Esparon said “It was a privilege to be in the company of the kids and the smiles on their faces made our day even more satisfying. We, the SNYA really applaud the hard work being done by the staff of NCC and ‘house mothers’ of the President’s Village who care and cater for the children with the most positive and vibrant attitudes.”

To conclude, Mr Esparon said that this is also a wakeup call for everyone to give their utmost support to needy children and youth in Seychelles.