Free pediatrician clinic; a successful event for NCC


Initially, the free clinic had expected less than 20 children accompanied by their parents, but on the day of the events, the turnout almost doubles.

“We had to cancel many patients in view of the turnout and organise a second day of activity, but even that was not enough! “States the Director of Communication and Events, Mrs. Sharon Meriton-Jean.

Had the reputation of the Pediatrician, Dr Valentina Seth, precedes her or the social media given a hand to the large turnout the event, the organisers had underestimated the success of the event which exceeded almost 60 children in 2 days.

The event was organised with the help of the Ministry of Health which provided the paediatrician to assist in the free clinic on 8th June and the following Friday.

“At the moment, we have many more parents calling hoping to see the paediatrician and we have tried to direct them to other clinics where the service is available,” adds Mrs. Meriton-Jean.

The National Council for Children says this with the collaboration of the Ministry of Health they hope to repeat the activity in the future.