NCC forges new partnership with Committee of Women Parliamentarians

The meeting held at Ile du Port was chaired by Honorable Chantal Ghislain and was attended by Honorable Regina Esparon, Honorable Sylvanne Lemiel, Honorable Noline Sophola and Honorable Flory Larue.

“The meeting comes at an opportune time, as we are currently reviewing the implication and application of corporal punishments in the country, in accordance with International laws,” states Jean-Claude Matombé, the Chief Executive Officer of NCC, adding that the response from the parliamentarians were very positive.

“We now know that we have the support of the committee in whatever we do as a Council and as an organisation, working for and with children in the country.”

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The Committee of Women Parliamentarians, is a Standing Committee of the National Assembly with the role of carrying out follow-ups on the compliance of the National Assembly and Government, in matters pertaining to women and men.

In that respect, Matombé says in the meeting NCC also stressed on the importance of the parliamentarians supporting programs geared towards men and boys.

“If we do not tackle the issue of involvement of this group, we will not see a difference in our society,” says Matombé.

Following the meeting, NCC says the Committee of Women Parliamentarians will be partnering with them in various activities geared towards parents and visits of facilities for vulnerable children in the society.

The first of such exchange will be held during the upcoming Child Protection week which will be held from 1st till 8th June.