Seychelles children to showcase traditional dance in Turkey

The festival under the theme ‘Love, Friendship and Peace’ is an annual event that aims at bringing children from all over the world together to showcase their traditions and culture.

“This year, our team coach has come up with a choreography that will depict our tradition and our diversity as a nation,” says Ambassador Erna Athanasius, who has been spearheading the committee for this event since 2012.

The children were chosen after a call for auditions in traditional Creole dance was made last year and following auditions of over 50 participants held early in the year.

“These finalists have shown a remarkable interest and knowledge of our rich culture and traditional Creole dances and I am sure they will share this with the rest of the world’s children,” adds Ambassador Athanasius.

Apart from their dance performance, during their 13 day stay in Turkey, the children aged between 10 to 12 years old, hailing from Mahe and Praslin, will participate in a live Parade in Samsun which will be attended by high dignitaries of Turkey, as well as educational and entertaining activities.

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April 23rd was declared a National Sovereignty day and National Children's Day in Turkey in 1979 and since then, over 120 countries have participated in the activity.

Seychelles has been participating in various International Children’s Festival events for 7 years under the leadership of the Ambassador, since the first one attended in Seattle, Washington in United States and later others in Turkey and one in Normandy, France.

“Our participation, including our airfares, pocket money, costumes, choreography, has been possible through funding by various Private companies, individuals, parents, businesses and other groups in the country, for which we are enormously grateful every year,” concludes Athanasius.

The children will be accompanied by Ambassador Erna Athanasius, as Head of the Delegation, and Ms. Marianne Amade, Dance Instructor and Mrs Lalatiana Accouche, a founding member and former secretary of the local International Children's Friendship Festival Committee.