Independent school welcomes Perseverance campaign

This follows the official handed over of campaign materials to the students of the private school, by their fellow students from Ile Perseverance Secondary school this week.

“The campaign is a way for us as a Council to instil the virtue in the children we work with, encourage them to work harder, to enhance the spirit of perseverance in our teachers, educators and in our families,” stated Mr. Jean-Calude Matombé, the Chief Executive Officer of NCC, who also thanked the students and management of both schools for accepting to embrace the campaign.

After reliving the spirit of perseverance through different activities enhanced by a large billboard depicting the theme in the middle of their school’s playground, the students of Ile Perseverance were happy to carry the campaign message of hope, encouragement and determination to other students through a short marathon.

With representatives of both schools in tow, as well as staff of NCC, the baton of Perseverance – a wooden edifice depicting a flaming blaze- and the official banner of the campaign was taken through the streets of Ile Perseverance and erected at the Independent school at Union Vale.

“We are deeply honoured and grateful to have been chosen to be the recipients of the Perseverance baton,” stated Chloe Germain, chairperson of the student council of Independent school. “We hope that this initiative will inspire youth not only in our school, but in Seychelles as a whole.”

As a recipient of the campaign, the student council of the Independent School is hoping to organise several activities around the theme of Perseverance until the campaign is taken to another school in the next few months.