Feeding 30 children with the help of benefactors

Since then, one of their greatest challenges has been to make sure these residents aged between 4 to 17 years old, are fed.

“Just like they would at home, we have to make sure they get breakfast, lunch and dinner and even snacks,” says the Director for communication and events, Mrs Sharon Meriton-Jean. “On school days, the expenses for such basic requirement reduce, but during the school holidays this triples.”

Although The President’s Village receives a government budget, NCC has been welcoming many donations of food supply to cut down on the cost.

These donations are often weekly, such as bakery products, but others are less frequent such as dairy products and other food items.

“Sadly, some of these donations often does not meet our requirements as they are either not in good conditions, they are going to expire or have expired,” says Mrs Meriton-Jean.

She, however, commended those companies and individuals who are continuously partnering with NCC in ensuring there is constant supplies of food for their residents.

As a holder of CSR certificate, companies donating to NCC can get refunded for their actions. Should you wish to assist NCC, kindly contact 4283900.