Children pledged to uphold the right for peace on International Peace Day

The activity organised jointly by the National Council for Children, NCC started off early in the morning with a march where the 480 students of the school chanted slogans and carried balloons and banners from the main road all the way to their school.

During the special assembly that followed, the head teacher of the school, Mrs Juliana Agathine highlighted the need for them to show respect for each other’s need for peace.

“Today is the only day in the whole year that the World would say we do not want to fight anymore. Let us do the same.” She stated.

The climax of the ceremony was a pledge which reads; ‘for as long as the moon rises, for as long as the grass grows, for as long as the river flows, we will be friends. We will live in peace.’

International Peace Day is an annual event that is commemorated in many countries and this year’s theme was ‘Right to Peace’.

This theme served as a remembrance to all countries that peace is also a fundamental right that every citizen should enjoy.

In line with this theme, students of Beau Vallon Primary School had written poems and posters which were on display outside of all classes.

“For this beautiful world we are living in, people of all colours should live in peace. We must be kind living together, learn to love and forgive, as peace is what we seek,” said Stephen Joubert, a Primary 4 student through his poem.

The students were also encouraged to openly display respect, tolerance and love to one another through different activities.

The day ended with the release of balloons and a peace race.