NGO’s join forces to create awareness on child protection issues

The two partners merged their efforts through a half day session held at the headquarters of NCC at Bel Eau where a number of teenagers were summoned for their views and participation on the topic.

Age between 11 to 16 years, some of the participants revealed that they have personally experienced or observed others being abused or neglected.

“Most adults in my community indulge in drug abuse or alcohol, so most of us are often left to fend for ourselves,” said one child who for obvious reason will remain anonymous.

Teenage pregnancies as well as drug and alcohol abuse were also other challenges that the participants hailing from the Mont Fleurit and English River district says they observe on a daily basis in their communities.

“I know parents who are willing to allow their children to sell themselves for sex just to earn money,” stated another participant.
Other issues such as abandonment, child labour and prostitutions were also highlighted as major challenges by the participants.

Using materials from the South African hailed campaign ‘Courage’, NCC which is the local partner of the campaign, used educational games, quiz and group work to help the participants identify groups or individuals in their communities who can intervene on their behalf.

“Children rely on adults to support or advise them and when they really need help, it has to come from the right person and at the right time,” says Brigitta Camille, coordinator of the Everlasting Love Ministry.

With the aim of helping more young people, she explains that the NGO has recently upscale its activities through different programmes in the community. 

With children hailing from known ‘troubling neighbourhoods’ of the two districts, such as Corgate Estate, the NGO’s hopes that the participants will now have the skills and knowledge to deal with their everyday challenges in a more positive way.

“Most of them did not even know that there are such services that could help protect them,” stated Vernette Celestine, one of the fascilitator of the half day programme.

When in need, children are encouraged to contact NCC on 4283900 or visit us on Facebook or twitter.