NCC scouting mission to Inner Islands reveals a need to boost services


This was revealed by the head of the psychology section, Mr. Gerard Lim Sam after a one day visit to schools on Praslin and La Digue recently.

“Following meetings with head teachers and counsellors on both islands, it was clear that they would like NCC to help out more,” says Mr. Lim Sam.

Currently, NCC is represented by psychologist Mrs. Karine Trioullier who has been in the post for almost eleven years, but due to budget constraints recently, visits to La Digue has been reduced considerably.

“Although La Digue is small, we want to buffer up the services to the school and the community in the future,” says Mrs Trioullier, adding that at the moment, there are only five cases of therapy and counselling from La Digue.

NCC also says there is a need for more cohesion of efforts amongst the partners and communities to face social ills amongst children in the Inner Islands.

Recently, Trioullier said there has been a remarked presence of psychologists from the Ministry of Education to the schools, but ‘the number of child cases could be dealt with more efficiently if all the schools had a counsellor.’

“The counsellors are the one’s directly involved in the schools, meeting children and assessing them first-hand to detect any problems which they can then refer to NCC.”

Furthermore, parenting sessions could also lead to improvement on various aspects of a child’s behaviour both at home and at school.  During the recent visit, half day parenting workshops were organised for parents of La Digue School and Praslin Secondary school.

Almost 50 parents benefitted from the activity which was also an eye-opener for the section responsible for coordinating training for the organisation.

“It is not only our expertise, but the sharing of tips and information that are vital for all parents when dealing with children,” states Mrs Fatma Bibi, the training coordinator of NCC, who adds that more of such activities will be organised next year for the benefits of parents of both islands.

On Mahe, parenting workshops are held twice a month and interested parents can contact NCC, on 4283900 for a free booking.

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