Boys of 10 to 14 years, with behavioural problems tops list of NCC in 2017

Getting help

According to statistics, almost 15% out of the 505 cases received last year were due to behavioural problems and 10% were referred to the Council as a result of aggression at school or in the homes. The majority of children received by the Council last year were aged between 10 to 14 years and the majority hailed from five districts on Mahe, in spite of the Council having a permanent representative on Praslin.

Working with various partners such as the department of social affairs and the family tribunal, the Council, however, note that the numbers of new cases received have decreased by 177 last year compared to previous years. The treatment sessions can last for several months or years. After a few sessions, some parents are confident enough to cancel treatment (96 cases in 2017), the number of children accompanied by their parents who failed to attend psychology and counselling sessions has remained slightly above one hundred since 2015.

2017 was a year of much change for the National Council for Children, NCC. With a new director the Council also welcomed new staff in the middle of the year, although its reputation of working with and for children remained high amongst parents, teachers and children alike.

Manned by only one staff, the training department in 2017 reached over 1,000 adults and children through different activities conducted mainly in schools. The Council concentrated its efforts mainly in promoting positive parenting and following demands for more training to reduce bullying in schools; the topic was also amongst the most popular delivered to teachers and students alike.

In 2018, the Council is hoping to reach as many parents, educators and children as possible through their various services. To learn more about these services, contact NCC on 4283900.