Two months after it was launched at Ile Perseverance Secondary school, the Perseverance campaign, an initiative of the National Council for Children, (NCC) has been officially adopted in the Independent school.


  • A group of 16 children from various primary and secondary schools will be leaving the country on Saturday to participate in the International Children’s Festival in Samsun and Ankara, Turkey.

  • The National Council for Children is hoping to give a major facelift to The President’s Village in 2019, 32 years after it was erected.

  • Creating a state orphanage was one of many dreams of Mrs Geva Rene, the Patron of NCC, for the children of Seychelles.  

  • Crew members of the HMCS Regina paid a visit to The President’s Village today, as part of their port call in Victoria.

  • After months of planning, the children residing in The President’s Village, located at Port Glaud, finally embarked on a first trip to Praslin and La Digue on 11th of January.

  • The National Council for Children will soon review its services in the Inner Islands so as to increase its visibility.

  • Upon taking the management of the village late last year, the National Council for Children, NCC, inherited 30 children in permanent care at The President’s Village located at Port Glaud.

  • It is a common knowledge that Residential Care Homes are for children only. Hence, upon reaching the age of 18, many of the residents of The President’s Village, located at Port Glaud, will have to leave the facility.

  • The number of boys who were referred to counselling and psychology section of the National Council for Children have surpassed that of girls in 2017.

  • Not many people would give their life for the children of others, but 57 year old, Monique Louise, has been doing so for almost 31 years as a Child Support Officer at The President’s Village.

  • The view that fathers are not interested in their children’s well being and education may be misleading on many fronts.

  • A few days shy of the International men’s day, celebrated on 19th November, a group of brave men met at the National Council for children, NCC, with a hard task ahead; regroup and reform an action group.

  • Only two months in the New Year and one organisation has shown great interest in investing in the largest residential care homes for children in Seychelles.

  • Students of Beau Vallon primary school have pledged to spread the message of Peace on International Peace Day.