NGO’s, National Council for Children (NCC) and Everlasting Love Ministry joined forces recently to shed further lights on child protection issues in Seychelles.


  • The view that fathers are not interested in their children’s well being and education may be misleading on many fronts.

  • Give you time: get involved with other parents in your community; help vulnerable children and their families; start a playgroup.

  • A few days shy of the International men’s day, celebrated on 19th November, a group of brave men met at the National Council for children, NCC, with a hard task ahead; regroup and reform an action group.

  • The National Council for Children will soon review its services in the Inner Islands so as to increase its visibility.

  • The number of boys who were referred to counselling and psychology section of the National Council for Children have surpassed that of girls in 2017.