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It is an attitude which implies the acceptance of a different way of thinking and behaving from one's own. The National Council for Children through the promotion of the Living Values programme and the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is aiming to help schools and teachers promote values of tolerance and respect for human rights amongst their students.

Tolerance, which we sometimes use in place of respect and mercy, generosity and forbearance, is the most essential element of moral systems. It also is a very important source of spiritual discipline, and a celestial virtue of perfected men and women.

Under the lens of tolerance, the merits of believers attain a new depth and extend to infinity; mistakes and faults shrink into insignificance.

All of us expect love and respect, hope for tolerance and forgiveness, and want to be embraced with feelings of liberality and affection.

We expect tolerance and forgiveness from our parents in response to our mischief at home, from our teachers in response to our naughtiness at school, from the innocent victims of our injustice and oppression, from the judge and prosecutor in court, and from the Judge of Judges (God) in the highest tribunal.