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Exciting Times: The Journey Intensive Workshop -17th and 18th February 2012

An exciting opportunity arose for NCC staff when Lydia Hoyland a trainer in journeywork visited Seychelles and ran a two day Journey Intensive Workshop at CARE House. NCC staff joined and worked alongside colleagues from CARE, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social Development.

ECCE Trust Fund Small Grants Launched

Applicants can download Application forms attached.

SBS External Auditors gives thumb -up to NCC

Tuesday 21st February- By 8.00a.m all staff were at their stations, the offices were looking immaculately clean and an air of expectancy hung in the corridors of the Children’s Ark.

4 External auditors from Seychelles Bureau of Standards had arrived on the NCC premise at Bel-Eau to assess performances according to the ISO 9001 2008 Quality Management Standards and by 8.30a.m the opening meeting had already started. Photographers from both institution were flashing away to capture the investigative and professional nature of the work.

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