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NCC to Celebrate Grandparenting with Photo Competition

National Council for Children (NCC) is launching a new photo
competition under the theme:- “It’s great to be grand! - Affirming
positive moments of grand parents with grand children ”

purpose is: to honor grandparents, to give grandparents an opportunity
to show love and caring for their children, and to help children
become aware of strength, information, and guidance older people can offer.
The competition will also give children an opportunity to show their

Happiness comes easy with choice

Creating happiness is easy when you engage in activities you enjoy that also challenge your skills. When these activities also contribute to something greater than yourself or do good for someone else, you can increase your happiness even more. You can enjoy yourself, create feelings of virtue and accomplishment, and create happy memories all at once this is the message which came out of the ‘Be happy and Make Seychelles Happy ‘ conference organized by the National Council for Children  ON Tuesday 22nd May.

Sweet Doses of Happiness at the ICCS with NCC

Happiness can be learned –and this is what the National Council for children  will try to share in the happiness conference being organized on the 22nd of May at the international conference centre , Victoria  to coincide with the launching of its Child Protection week under the theme “Be Happy –Make Seychelles Happy” . How do you do that ?  
How do you determine whether you are happy or not? At what point do you become happy?  Do you have to depend on circumstances or other people to be happy?   Is there some universal standard of Happiness?

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