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Parenting - Keeping “no” to a minimum- so you can have maximum impact

Alice was referred to an NCC’s parenting workshop because she was experiencing some difficulty with her cute adorable 3 year old daughter who had discovered her favourite word which was “NO” and had started using it in every instance . This was driving Alice crazy , and so she wanted to pick up a few tips to get her daughter to do what she wanted.

NCC Offering Training for Youth On-line Activism

The National Council for children’s  staff and management came together towards  the end of last year for teambuilding exercises spread over a couple of days . The main objective of the exercise was to  have fun, improve overall team communication , deepen understanding and awareness of the culture and values of the organisation , and to produce more  highly motivated  staff  to  improve the organisation’s performance and provide better customer service.

What is Happiness?

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